A Business Traveller's Guide To The Best Bars And Restaurants In Clarke Quay

Here, we offer some options to experience the nightlife in Clarke Quay, a vibrant waterside frequented by business travellers and young professionals. Thanks to a wide choice of bars and restaurants in Clarke Quay, visitors are sure to find a venue that is to their liking. Many restaurants have great bar areas too – or even resemble theme pubs. What’s more, the cuisine is truly worldwide: from American and European to Asian and Australian.

International and local cuisine

Visitors might want to start from an ideal base, the pleasant surroundings and the superb choice of bars, clubs and restaurants near the Novotel Clarke Quay. Zouk and Attica, for example, are both iconic nightclubs for those who like to party the night away. The Crazy Elephant is one of the best live music bars in the area and is known for its friendly atmosphere and decently priced drinks.  Meanwhile, the Square Restaurant offers all-day international cuisine and local specialties, while an open kitchen means that diners can interact with the chefs.

Alternatively, business travellers looking for a quick bite to eat in the Clarke Quay area might like to head to The Ranch Steakhouse By Astons. Travellers will surely enjoy the delectable and mouth-watering aromas of the premium beef.  Situated at Clarke Quay in Downtown Singapore, this dining area also includes an outdoor bar for guests to enjoy the vibrant view of the city. 

Buzzing ambience and gourmet choices

Gone are the old street food stalls in this popular part of Singapore. Now, the restored historic colonial shop houses at Clarke Quay are a focus for pubs and restaurants. A perceptible buzz accompanies the happy hours for drinks in the themed bars, while the eateries range from gourmet pizza to seafood from the southern oceans.

For delicious late night dishes, Ramen Keisuke Lobster King dedicates itself to the delights of the prized crustaceans. Choices include four different soups ranging from broth to rich creamy and spicy. All come with prawn dumplings, chicken char siew, pork belly, noodles and bamboo shoots. 

Moreover, for more variety, the Jumbo Seafood Riverside Restaurant also offers freshly caught shellfish and fish from an expansive menu. It's a vibrant, bustling place with the option of an outside seating area. The 'drunken prawns' and chilli king crab are especially to die for!

Oriental restaurants to try in Clarke Quay area

The abundance of bars, restaurants and nightlife in Clarke Quay means that visitors to this part of Singapore can enjoy the food and hostelry of their choice. Peony Jade Chinese restaurant blends art with cuisine, to delight visually as well as gastronomically. Finally, back at the Novotel, the elegant Dragon Phoenix Restaurant offers the best in Cantonese food.