“Thanks for your coordination and help on the venue and logistics for our Association CNY Dinner event. This is a big event for us and on the whole I believe our guests are happy with the reception.

We would also like to send our thanks and compliments to all the staff onsite, especially Iqbal and Amin for their assistance and going the extra mile to make sure that our requests are met."

Sylvia Ong
Deputy Executive Director
Waste Management and Recycling Association of Singapore [WMRAS]


“We would like to express our thanks and appreciation for the excellent services that we have received yesterday from Iqbal, Andrew and staff.

I have heard nothing but praise from our committee team for the flexibility changes and staff quite alert of small details (such as ask guest when his/her drink has run out and etc) during the event.

Also, all of us had a great meal as the foods were delicious especially the Chicken! So, we truly enjoyed the meal!

In overall, it was a great job and we all had a good experience at Novotel."

Levi Strauss Asia Pacific Division


"I would like to thank Chris and Paru for the good support for our event, it is extremely successful and the facility provided by Novotel is great!

On top of that, for the daily operations, Nani has done a fantastic job in accommodating and be flexible in all the unexpected situations, she handled it very professionally and with great patience.

Thank you for the help!"

Chen Ying He
Mommy's TCM Pte. Ltd.


"On behalf of Chief Phang and the rest of us here at Shell Bukom Fire Department, we would like to extend our gratitude to Paru, Chris and your staff for the hospitality and good service rendered during our whole day meeting. We were grateful that the management selected our meeting as the “Meeting of the Month”. It was heartfelt.

Hope to be doing business with you again in future"

Syed Faizzal Bin Syed Ali
Senior Fire Officer | Assurance Team
Shell Bukom, Fire Department


"On behalf of the organising Chairman of the above symposium, Dr Im Quah Smith, I would like to commend and thank the staff for performing an outstanding job in helping us to stage a very successful event at the hotel.

We have received many positive feedbacks from the delegates who hail from 24 nations, with regard to the venue and the overall smooth running of the 3-day Symposium.

In particular, I would like to place on record some of your staff who have contributed to the successful staging of this event which was held for the first time in Asia.

Firstly, Ms Manokaran Parvathy (Paru), Asst Catering Sales Manager for her dedication and professionalism in working tirelessly for many months answering to the needs of the organisers. Her customer-oriented and friendly attitude made
it the more pleasant for us interacting with her.

Paru was instrumental in getting us to hold the welcome reception on 9 Augustfor the speakers at the hotel instead of at the Chinese restaurant by offering us the venue of the Cinnamon Ballroom. This meant that we could adjourn to the veranda to watch the fireworks after the dinner! A splendid move!

Additionally, we would like to thank the banquet staff for the 3 days, in particular, Ms Maszni Mahmood, Chris, Eng Teck and others. They were very attentive, responsive, cheerful and composed even when the pace was very hectic!

The Concierge on the ground floor entrance were very helpful despite having to deal with a constant flow of visitors and luggage, etc.

Overall, we had a most pleasant and satisfying experience with the hotel for our Symposium and would be happy to recommend it to others in need of a midsized venue such as the one on Level 5."

Bill Liu
Singapore Co-ordinator
Roseville Wellness Group


"We want to commend the team for the delicious luncheon, beautiful setting and professional service that was provided for our Annual Singapore Leong Khay Huay Kuan MoonCake Celebration event. This is a big event for us and on the whole I believe our guests are happy with the reception.

We would also like to send our thanks and compliments to all the staff onsite, especially Iqbal and staff for their assistance and going the extra mile to make sure that our requests are met. 

I have heard nothing but praise from our committee team for the flexibility changes and staff quite alert of small details during the event.

The food was superb and the service outstanding. So, we truly enjoyed the meal!

In overall, it was a great job and we all had a good experience at Novotel."

William Kwek
Vice Chairman cum Hon. Secretary
Singapore Leong Khay Huay Kuan


Reasonable price & good service. Just had my company AD&D at your ball room. Friendly & good responsive staffs. Special thanks to Nadia & Azwan for making our BIG event an memorable one.

Ryan Liew
Employees’ Welfare Committee 2018
Renesas Electronics Singapore


I would like to thank Leroy for your coordination so far, you have helped us a great deal to make our big day smooth and memorable! Everything was coordinated clearly with great efficiency from your end! Also, thank you for your prompt replies even on your off days, appreciate it very much!


Also complimentary to Mr Iqbal who was the banquet manager for tonight! He really helped to resolve many unforeseen issue on the ground with his long years of experience! Thanks!


Overall, Wei Wei and I enjoyed ourselves very much today! We tasted the food that was sent to the room and they were still very nice!

Cho Zhong Hua & Leong Wei Wei


I would like to express our sincere thanks to Leroy for planning our special day on 2nd Feb 2019. Your attention to detail as well as prompt responses and every accommodating nature made the planning of our wedding banquet a very smooth and memorable experience. Thank you for sticking by us for over a year, constantly keeping tabs on our progress and offering your expert and unopinionated suggestions.


We would like to thank Carl Rivera and his team. The banquet staff were every so friendly and efficient and it made working with them very pleasurable. Even the aunties assigned to help us with the tea ceremony were very enthusiastic and they were very professional, constantly saying auspicious terms and making us feel at ease.


Overall, it has been very wonderful working with you and the entire team. I cannot say that I look forward to working with you again (if you know what I mean) but for sure we will spread the word around to let others know to consider your hotel and your service for their big day as well.

Edwin and Denise


Just had our wedding last weekend on 15December2018! Never regret choosing Novotel and having Leroy as our coordinator :)

Leroy was efficient and patient throughout this one year of liasing. He is prompt and timely, making sure that all preparations are well handovered to the banquet manager on the wedding day itself. He even took the extra mile to visit us during that day when he didnt need to!

Being a fickle minded person and a customer service provider myself, I tend to keep changing my choices and I couldn’t stress enough on the importance of great service to our guests during the wedding. Leroy, being professional, has tried all ways to accomodate to us and making sure we are satisfied! Thank you for exceeding our expectations and also checking up on us to ensure we have our own wedding preparations done as well!

Zhixiong & I would like to give our greatest thanks to Leroy! And also to Carl, our banquet manager for running the wedding day smoothly! Our guests and us are very happy everything went well :)

Thank you both once again!!

ZhiXiong & Emily


My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed months of fuzzfree planning experience with our sales manager Leroy Lai. He also gave us a lot of surprises in our bridal suite like chocs, wine etc and a very easy in room check in via premier lounge accessibility.

Despite the date being a super hot one (18nov), the banquet manager Carl Rivera ensured everything was run smoothly w all our guests saying everything was great. No complains!

Wilson Chew and Grace


"Held my wedding on the 17th of November at Novotel. Had an exceptional day as my wedding planner Leroy has been very informative and helpful throughout the whole process. His meticulous planning has ensured my wife and I did not miss anything out before our big day. We would be notified by Leroy of any updates promptly. He will always give us a contingency plan should the first plan messes up. Our queries are answered responsively. He was even at our big day to ensure it is handed smoothly even when he is not working on that Saturday. My wife and I would highly recommend him to plan for your wedding as the build up process would be a smooth sailing one.

I would also like to give a shout out to our banquet manager Azwan who has made the entire process an easy and lighthearted one. Our nervousness were comforted by his jovial character. He coordinated with my emcees very well and guided them through on what needs to be done. He knows how to bring up the mood of the guests. I would highly recommend him too if he is your banquet manager on your big day as he would take care of almost everything."

Keith Tan and Elaine


"I've been scouting for a venue since Deccember 2017 to hold my chinese wedding banquet (for Oct 2018). Novotel Clarke Quay was one of the choices that was shortlisted. But what won me and my then fiancee (now wife) over was all the exceptional staff that is working here. 

Firstly, would like to compliment Mr Leroy Lai (Sales Catering executive), who has made our whole journey a very smooth and pleasant one. He accommodated to our requests to the best ability possible, and is very prompt with his replies.Throughout the course of 10 months liasing with him, we have never encountered much difficulties dealing with the event. He is meticulous with his work and is a very reliable and responsive person to deal with. 

Next, to give a compliment to Nazria from the premium lounge, her service is excellent. From the time we checked into the hotel, she has made us feel very comfortable and at ease. She even extended a complimentary late check out for us due to the availability of the rooms. Small gestures like these do enhance the experience for guest. 

Also, would like to give my upmost compliments to the banqueting team for my wedding night on 27 Oct 18, namely lead by Azwan, the banquet manager for the night. I had 220 guests for the night and most of them sang praises to the efficiently of the team. I had guests commenting that out of the all the wedding dinners that they have attended, this is by far one of the best service staff that they have encountered. Service staff was very attentive to guest needs, and most of them enjoyed the night. We are very pleased with the team and hope that others are able to experience the same that we had. There were some problems with the audio for that night, but it was quickly resolved by Azwan and his team (Amos/ Kidzer -AV technicians). 

Overall, thank you to all the staff for the wonderful time and excellent service we had in Novotel Clarke Quay Singapore, The ballroom was beautiful, and the food and drinks from the Chinese kitchen was really good. Had a great time and will definitely return some day to reminisce our time here again."

Chew Yao Wei and Dawn Ang


"I would like to thank the hotel for executing our wedding banquet smoothly without any hiccups and there are 2 key persons that i would like to highlight for their exceptional service.

Firstly, we would like to thank Gowri from the Wedding sales team. We were not the easiest couple for sure and we had many requests throughout the planning & preparation phase, given how micro managing we are. What impressed us was her patience throughout and her attitude of trying her very best to solve every worry/request we had. This is even more impressive given she was pregnant at that time. We are sincerely proud and grateful we had her as our in-charge. Thank you Gowri.

Secondly, we would like to thank Iqbal, the banquet manager in charge of our banquet. What impressed us most was his ability to not only execute things to perfection on that night, but also his calming influence on us. As with every wedding couple, we were really anxious that things will go wrong and not knowing what to expect. But Iqbal was always there to patiently calm us down, explain what needs to be done and take charge to resolve any issues that came up. We were thus able to focus on enjoying the night knowing that there is a responsible team in charge. Kudos to the banquet operations & AV team! (Including Helen who helped my wife with her heavy gown throughout the table phototaking duration!)

I hope that this team continues to deliver such exceptional service each and everytime and it is with such selfless and big hearted staff that enables the hotel to stand above other competitors. Valuable assets!

Thank you once again for being a large and important part of our memorable day!"

Lee Sheng Li & Angeline


My wife and I recently held our wedding at Novotel Clark Quay and have nothing but positive things to say about our experience.

Starting with our coordinator Mr. Leroy Lai whose professionalism and courtesy first sold us on the idea of choosing this hotel for our occasion. He was of tremendous help throughout the entire process and shared with us his experiences and recommendations which we definitely benefited from, thanks to his help we had an extremely smooth, worry-free and definitely enjoyable journey planning our wedding with Novotel. Not to mention he’s always willing to accommodate our after office hours schedules to meet up at his own sacrifice. A blessing to us that we got a chance to work with him and would like to strongly commend him for all that he did for us!

The banquet food was well received by our guests who shared with us that they thoroughly enjoyed and quantity and quality of the food, coupled with the shape of the cinnamon ballroom, made it ideal for us to feel close to our guests and the affair intimate. The decoration themes received plenty of praise from guests as well who commented that the set up was beautiful. Many thanks to the dinner staff for making sure the service was smooth.

Special mention to our banquet managers Carl and Azwan, who shared their expertise and experience on banquet dinners and recommended to us the flow based on our proposed plan. Their perfect execution took our minds off having to worry about how the process would be like and they’re extremely professional and more than capable for helping couples have a smooth and fuss free dinner banquet. We essentially had to simple enjoy the night and leave the experts to help us out, even the most specific of details was managed by them and we felt pampered to say the least!

Last but not least the bridal suite from Novotel was large and had a beautiful view of the Singapore River. On top of that the heartwarming cards of congratulations from the Hotel and Leroy also gave us the feeling that this was personal and showed us how much that cared for our special day.

I would say to anyone who’s considering holding heir special day with Novotel Clark Quay to strongly consider them because they’ve given us a beautiful sentiment as we celebrated our special day.

Thank you Novotel Clark Quay!

Jeremy Frois & Tan Yuling